Classic series system overview

Adopt new technology research and development to provide cost-effective solutions.Based on the price of traditional panel plug-in callers, the hybrid communication transmission technology is adopted, without the need of server configuration, convenient networking, high-definition intercom, which effectively improves the overall system function and brings intelligent medical intercom service.The nurse host is in the terminal hub position.It adopts Android intelligent operating system, supports app expansion function, and is responsible for data and communication processing of the whole system.


System advantages:

(1) High cost performance, with the price of traditional panel plug-in callers, you can enjoy interactive smart healthcare intercom

The nurse host is directly responsible for the data and communication processing of the whole system, no need to configure server, obvious price advantage.the requirement for the operation of the organization information is low

(2) Mixed communication transmission technology, good sound quality

Separate the downlink audio signal, uplink audio signal, broadcast audio signal and data signal to ensure the sound quality; simple system, simple structure and convenient networking.the host can be compatible with the original two-wire system wiring at the same time, with lower maintenance cost. External speaker, HDMI interface for TV, etc

(3) Advanced digital device experience, touch operation, tablet experience

The mainframe adopts large-scale and high-resolution TFT true color screen, multi-point capacitive touch screen, colorful and clear interface, humanized function design, ensuring the same operation experience of mobile phone and tablet; it can be connected with large TV screen, and the information and nursing status of each bed can be mastered

(4) Network sharing, data synchronization

interfacing with HIS system through open software and hardware interface.the inpatient information and nursing information of patients are automatically released to each intelligent nursing communication terminal, which provides a superior hardware platform for the selection of patients' diagnosis and treatment and nursing scheme;ability to achieve classified management of hospital internal information.and the medical staff only need to input the patient information, medical order and medical staff information on the host It can realize bed management,nursing level management, medical scheduling management.message management, information release and other functions

(5) Android operation, scalable upgrade and diversified functions

The nurse host adopts Android intelligent operating system, which supports app expansion function. The intelligent extension terminal can expand Bluetooth infusion alarm, nutrition order, information query, information push, etc. It can expand the number of intelligent extension installation, and can choose with screen extension, without screen extension or mixed assembly to meet the diversified needs of VIP ward and general ward. Information Kanban, bedside card printer and corridor dot matrix screen can also be selected according to the demand to realize diversified display and interaction of information.

(6) Online registration, easy operation

It supports multiple registration methods of mobile + web, and can be operated by one person, with high system stability and simple installation and debugging

(7) Original two wire system wiring, simple circuit, easy installation and maintenance

(8) Export and export support, multiple voice language versions are available

Main configuration scheme of system products

Serial number

Product name / model

Product pictures

Standard configuration scheme



Nursing station Work mainframe


Weiding Kanglian

One for each nurse station



Conversion box (extension)


Weiding KanglianWeiding Kanglian

According to the site conditions



Hospital bed extension



One per bed



Doctor work mainframe


Weiding Kanglian

One for each doctor's Office



Waterproof emergency button


Weiding Kanglian

One per room



Nurse watches


Weiding Kanglian

One for each nurse



Corridor display screen



1-2 per corridor



Information Kanban Android box


Weiding Kanglian

Use with information Kanban



Information display


One for each nurse station


1.Other accessories: super five types with power cable, paging information number, crystal head, etc.

2.A more detailed project configuration scheme needs to configure products and customize software according to the site of use and the needs of customers. 

3.For more information, please contact weiding customer service hotline: 400-022-8566.

Main functions of the system

  • Nurse host: full touch screen, support manual input and modification of patient information or external mouse and keyboard input; can also add expansion function, interface with his system to read and call patient data; support external printer, print bedside information card

  • Patient list: it can display patient information of each sickbed extension and support access to patient list display

  • Intercom function: intercom between the sickbed extension and the nurse station, between the sickbed extension and the sickbed extension, and between the door machine and the nurse station

  • Host Hosting: the host of nurse station can host the sickbed extension of the host to other nurse hosts for management

  • Call upload: when the call timeout of the sickbed extension is not answered, the call information can be uploaded to the high-level host

  • Emergency alarm: the patient in the toilet can give an emergency alarm to the host of the nurse station

  • Regional broadcasting: the management host can broadcast MP3 files, calls and external audio sources to the managed equipment

  • Zone Broadcasting: the management host can broadcast MP3 files and call to the zone of the managed equipment

  • Timing broadcast: the management host can set and set the cycle according to single area, multi area and whole area, and use MP3 file for timing broadcast

  • Public address: the management host can use MP3 file as the voice of fire alarm. When the fire alarm occurs, it automatically switches to the maximum volume

  • Recording and playing: the management host can record the call process, query, play, save and upload to the server (optional function)

  • Regional release: it can release text, picture, audio and video information to the managed visual terminal at the same time

  • Zone Publishing: it can publish text, picture, audio and video information to the managed visual terminal

  • Regular release: release text, pictures, audio and video information according to single area, multi area, and whole area settings and set cycle

  • Online registration: Mobile, web and other registration methods

  • Expansion and upgrading: the system theoretically breaks through the limit of carrying capacity and unlimited distance, and supports the expansion and upgrading of the system

  • Fault self inspection: the system has a variety of fault detection methods, such as patrol fault extension, system work log, exception analysis record, real-time monitoring of online status of each network intercom equipment, to ensure the normal operation of the system

  • Fault recovery: the computer software has the function of one key automatic backup and restore


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