Luxury series system overview

Based on TCP / IP and UDP network protocol, realize the full link digitalization of medical intercom system, medical host + door machine + bedside machine (5-inch static display screen) + information Kanban + corridor display screen, seamlessly connect hospital his system, select nurse wristwatch, etc., the work of weiding Kanglian!


Main configuration scheme of system products

Serial number

Product name / model

Product pictures

Standard configuration scheme



Nursing station Work mainframe


Weiding Kanglian

One for each nurse station



Hospital bed extension


Weiding KanglianWeiding Kanglian

One per bed



Doorway machine


Weiding Kanglian

One per room



Corridor display screen


Weiding Kanglian

1-2 per corridor

Optional single-sided or double-sided corridor display screen


Waterproof emergency button


Weiding Kanglian

One per room



Nursing door lamp


Weiding Kanglian

One for each room

Matching,Tricolor display


Nurse station software management system


Weiding Kanglian

One set for each project



Medical intercom system server


Weiding Kanglian

One for each nurse station



Nurse station management computer

Weiding Kanglian

One for each nurse station

Matching,Self purchase

1.Other accessories: super five types with power cable, paging information number, crystal head, etc.

2.A more detailed project configuration scheme needs to configure products and customize software according to the site of use and the needs of customers. 

3.For more information, please contact weiding customer service hotline: 400-022-8566.

Main functions of the system

Each ward door extension can broadcast and display call information, and directly talk to and clear with patients. Each bedside extension can broadcast call information, and directly talk to and clear with patients.It is convenient for nursing staff to handle call information in time, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

The intelligent call terminal supports nurse positioning, call transfer, answering, intercom and broadcast. The screen brightness and broadcast volume can be set freely by the nurse station management system in different time periods.

The system can customize the time, and specify the extension to send voice reminders. The extension prompts the patient in the way of voice and text.

Support the expansion of mobile phone app, which can receive the call information of patients, communicate in wireless mode, without wiring, and simplify the process of nursing call processing.

  • HIS docking: nurse station host can read and call HIS patient data, and can input or modify patient information.

  • Host Hosting: the host of nurse station can host the sickbed extension of the host to other host of nurse station for management.

  • Status prompt: the call and intercom status of the sickbed extension can be displayed through the call list, and each key can add notes.

  • Waiting for processing: it can be set to end the active call of the hospital bed, and the "waiting for processing" status will be displayed all the time. The nurse needs to press the key at the hospital bed to cancel the status.

  • Patient list: it can display the patient information of each sickbed extension, and support to access the patient list display.

  • Synchronous display: the call of the extension of the hospital bed, the host of the nurse station, the machine at the door of the ward, and the display screen of the corridor can synchronously display the call information.

  • App voice prompt: when the extension is called, the nurse mobile app can display the extension number and hang up the extension.

  • Voice broadcast: the extension of the sickbed calls, and the host of the nurse station can voice broadcast the "XX bed call in room XX" or the remarks of the extension.

  • Nursing level: advanced, special and general nursing levels or customized nursing levels can be set.

Help call

  • One-touch call: the sickbed extension can call the nurse station host quickly with one button.

  • Mobile call: patients can scan extension QR code, Download app, and call nurse host anytime and anywhere through app's medical assistant.

  • Emergency alarm: patients in the toilet can send an emergency alarm to the host of the nurse station.

  • Nursing reinforcement: press the "reinforcement" button on the extension to call for additional medical staff.

  • Call support workers: patients can scan the extension QR code, Download app, and call support workers through app's convenience service.

  • Change medicine / remind: patients can scan extension QR code, Download app, and remind medical staff to change medicine through voice / text message of app.

  • The text or message will be automatically sent to the nurse's watch.

Public broadcasting

  • Regional broadcasting: the management host can broadcast MP3 files, calls and external audio sources to the managed equipment.

  • Zone Broadcasting: the management host can broadcast MP3 files and call on the managed device zone.

  • Timing broadcast: the management host can set and set the cycle according to single area, multi area and whole area, and use MP3 file for timing broadcast.

  • Public address: the management host can use MP3 file as fire alarm voice. In case of fire alarm, it will automatically switch to the maximum volume.

Sound recording

  • The management host can record the call process and query, play, store and upload to the server. (optional function)


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