Intelligent medical care is becoming more and more popular, and medical intercom system is favored

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With the development of medical construction in our country, using advanced information technology to serve the hospital has become an important mode in hospital information construction.For this reason, we need a strong medical intercom management system to reduce the intensity of nursing work and provide efficient and high-quality services for the majority of inpatients.


Why smart medical intercom system?


The intelligent medical intercom system adopts Android intelligent operating system and Ethernet full digital audio and video processing and transmission technology, which can realize direct and reliable information contact between medical staff and inpatients.It has intelligent functions such as call for help, information inquiry, medicine change reminder, broadcast notification, call transfer, etc. in addition, the system is networked with his system of the hospital to realize information integration;The use of smart medical intercom system can improve the working efficiency of medical staff, improve the relationship between doctors and patients, improve the quality of medical services, and ultimately achieve information, modern management, and improve the image of the hospital.


Function of intelligent medical intercom system

Host hosting

The medical host can host each other's sickbed extensions to facilitate centralized call processing at night. Generally, the nurses on duty at night are short of manpower. If the ward needs to leave temporarily when one person is on duty, the host can be entrusted to the host of other nurse stations, so that the nurse stations can watch each other.


Hospital bed call intercom

The patient can call the medical host and the ward door machine through the bedside extension. When calling, the bedside extension calls. The nurse station host, the ward door machine and the corridor display screen can synchronously display the call information. The medical host can answer and talk to each other in two directions.The bedside extension replaces the traditional paper medical record card, and the patient's information input system is easy to save.


List of patients

The machine at the door of the ward can display the inpatient information and the information of the responsible doctor and nurse.The medical intercom system is connected with the hospital his system, and the information of the doctors and nurses on duty can be directly imported into the door machine of the ward, so that the information of the responsible person is clear at a glance.


Dressing reminder

The patient will remind the medical staff to change the medicine through the voice / text message of app, and the text or message will be automatically sent to the nurse's watch.In the past, patients often couldn't find a nurse when they needed to change their medicine, and their family members had to accompany them all the time, for fear that they would be difficult to take care of themselves when they left. Now they can find the responsible nurse only through the intelligent medical intercom system, and their family members don't need to accompany them all the time.


Mobile device hotspot

The entrance machine has the function of providing hot spot access for nurse watch and other equipment, and realizing seamless hot spot access for wireless equipment of call system.


Toilet emergency call

In case of an emergency in the toilet, the patient can press the emergency button to send out an alarm signal, and the medical host and the ward door machine can synchronously display the emergency call information, so that the nurse can discover and handle it in time.Effectively avoid the phenomenon that patients are helpless when they are in the bathroom.


Infusion alarm

When the infusion is finished, the infusion alarm connected outside the sickbed extension will automatically alarm the main engine of the nurse station (additional infusion alarm is required);It can also alarm automatically through Bluetooth on the mobile terminal

Call information display

When the extension of the sickbed is called, the main machine of the nurse station, the machine at the door of the ward and the display screen of the corridor can synchronously display the call information.


Public address notice

The management host can broadcast MP3 files, calls and external audio sources to the managed equipment in the whole area / area. The management host can also set periodic timing broadcast, public broadcast and recording broadcast.

Sincere service and win-win cooperation

For the medical industry, the future development will be in the direction of convenience and humanity.The use of intelligent medical intercom system has become a bridge for quick communication between hospital bed and nurse station, greatly improving the existing medical system of the hospital, and truly realizing the intelligent and humanized medical service, which can increase the communication and interaction between medical staff and patients, reduce the overall medical cost of the hospital and effectively improve the sense of responsibility and service awareness of medical staff It's a great help.At the same time, the intelligent medical intercom system solves the medical problems represented by "the medical system with low efficiency and the medical service with poor quality", and provides a warm and convenient medical environment for patients.


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