How should effective doctor-patient communication be done?

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Hippocrates, the father of ancient Greek medicine, has a famous saying: "doctors have three magic weapons, the first is language, the second is medicine, and the third is scalpel."The duty of a doctor is to see a doctor. The basic tools needed are medicine and scalpel.However, why did the father of medicine put forward "three treasures of doctors" more than 25000 years ago, and the top one was language?

This shows the importance of doctor-patient communication.

Communication is the "lubricant" of doctor-patient relationship. But the inefficient and useless communication between doctors and patients often deepens the contradictions between doctors and patients, increases the number of medical disputes, and makes many doctors miserable.


I remember going to see a doctor once, and the girl who had already seen the doctor turned back and asked the doctor, "director, just now you said that I can't eat seafood, so can I drink milk?" The doctor looked at her with a blank face and tried to remember her illness. For a while, he didn't know how to answer.

As a medical worker, it is not particularly difficult to remember a patient's illness in a short time.However, how can doctors who are tired of receiving treatment all the time remember such a large number of patients? So when the patient asks abruptly, the doctor's memory is not enough.


Moreover, many patients will forget to bring the medical record book or go to other hospitals directly when they see a doctor. At this time, the doctor can not fully understand the patient's medical history and medication situation.How to quickly and accurately provide patients with a safe treatment program has become a problem for doctors.


In addition, with the popularity of instant communication tools such as wechat and QQ, more and more doctor-patient communication is no longer limited to hospitals. There are only a lot of cases in which doctors and patients add wechat and QQ communication to each other. Some doctors even add thousands of patients to wechat.To this end, many doctors admit that they open wechat every day to see that all kinds of bombing inquiry heads are big, and often fail to reply in time or simply choose not to reply.It turns out that this kind of communication through general social tools can not help doctors and patients to establish effective communication at all. 

There is an old saying that says well, "if you don't understand clearly, you can't say clearly".Maintaining a good and effective two-way communication is not only related to the health of patients, but also related to whether the professional contributions of doctors can be recognized in time, and more related to the harmony of social medical relations from the overall perspective.

In order to speed up the intelligent pace of the combination of medical and nursing, and improve the relationship between doctors and patients, many doctors began to choose to use Vidin care and Internet system.This system can provide one-stop medical services for doctors and patients through various intelligent service devices (Doctor / client visual intercom, intelligent monitoring watch, flat panel detector) + information management system + operation app, etc.


So, what are the advantages of care and Internet system? How to win the favor of medical staff and patients?

1. The system can help doctors to establish electronic consultation files, realize the classified management of patients, and check the patients' past medical history and medication situation at any time

2. The system provides a professional tool for doctors to track and manage patients, which can monitor the data of patients' health signs in real time and master the recovery of patients

3. The system can help doctors to push doctor's orders and health education information in real time according to patients' health conditions

4. The system can help doctors to realize online consultation, two-way interaction and hierarchical referral with patients, so as to enhance mutual trust and understanding.

5. With the help of the system, doctors can release professional health knowledge, articles, videos, etc. on the platform to solve the problems of patients' repeated inquiries and improve the public's health literacy.

It's a long way to go to medicine, but I know it's hard! As a doctor, what is the happiest thing at work?It's the patient's trust and understanding of you from the heart. It's the patient's laughter after he recovers health!


Weiding Kanglian care. Internet system, and medical colleagues, so that doctor-patient communication more efficient and easy!


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