Build a caring Internet circle and create cloud pharmacy services

2019-07-26 14:48:01 97

In the afternoon of July 26, 2019, director Liu Chao, service center of No.1 enterprise special zone, Xingsha Economic Development Zone, Changsha City, and chairman Zou Zong, chairman of Hunan Chengyixin pharmacy chain company, visited and exchanged with us.Chen Zongzhen, chairman of our company, made a detailed introduction to the company's overall layout, accompanied by Jia long, director of the company's care system marketing department, and Huang Changlian, director of the strategic planning department.Participants had in-depth exchanges on the construction ideas and service ideas of weiding internet intelligent medical service platform.

At the exchange meeting, Mr. Chen first thanked the service and work of Xingsha No. 1 enterprise service center in promoting regional enterprise interaction and industry exchange, and made a detailed elaboration around the company's overall strategic concept, and expressed the desire to strengthen the exchange and interaction between our company and the park's medical service industry enterprises.

Weiding Kanglian

Then, Huang Changlian and Jia Long introduced and displayed the advanced technology and research and development achievements of the company's health care intercom system and intelligent care system, and elaborated the project concept and overall operation of the company's Internet plus smart medical service platform.

Weiding Kanglian

President Zou praised our company's business philosophy, technical strength and product quality, and shared the development status of chain drugstores and the demand of ordinary people for drugs.The two sides discussed the possibility and necessity of cooperation between chain drugstores and weiding intelligent care system.Through this face-to-face exchange and discussion, the two sides reached an initial intention of market cooperation. Chengyixin pharmacy selected model stores to carry out the pilot cooperation of care system, so as to provide users with more convenient drug purchase services and lay the foundation for further cooperation between the two sides.

Finally, director Liu Chao said that this exchange activity broadened the thinking for the internal service construction of the park, and hoped to take this opportunity to strengthen the cooperation between weiding and Chengyixin, so as to explore a new model for building a caring Internet circle and promoting cloud pharmacy services.


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