[Q & A] about the medical call management system, answer the most concerned points for you

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From March 8 to 10, 2018, for a period of three days, Hunan weiding successfully concluded the 34th Western International Medical Equipment Exhibition (Shixin medical exhibition) in Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center;


March 9-11, 2018, three days,One day later than Xi'an exhibition, weiding allocated two teams, our other team of high beauty business elite team, to meet exhibitors and friends from all over the country with full enthusiasm in the new international convention and Exhibition Center of Century City, Chengdu.


During the exhibition, many terminal customers, dealers and agents will ask questions about viding company, system, technology and other aspects. Here, we summarize the most concerned points of customers and explain them in detail:

Question 1: are you a manufacturer, agent or hospital? When did you start the medical call system?

We are a manufacturer with a strong technical team, integrating product research and development, production, sales, installation and after-sales;

In Shenzhen, there are two R & D bases in Hunan, with Hunan as the production center, and offices in Xi'an, Shenzhen and other places.

Question 2: when did you start the medical call system?

We started R & D in 2013 and officially put it into the market in 2016 . Now our products and systems are still in constant R & D and upgrading.

Question 3: how can we install it when we are so far away

In the early stage, our technicians will visit the site, conduct product configuration, on-site wiring and debugging after installation according to the construction site and customer requirements, so as to ensure the formal use.

We have offices in some provinces and cities to provide services nearby, shorten the construction period; provide technical support throughout the process, and have relevant technical instruction documents to assist in operation.

Flexible handling in a variety of service methods to ensure efficient service, you are welcome to consult at any time.

Question 4: how is your system powered?

Our system has two ways:

One is centralized power supply, which adopts 48VDC UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for unified power supply;

One is distributed power supply, and each ward is separately powered by a power adapter.

Question 5: is the call system only applicable to hospitals? I am a beauty salon. Can I install it if there is a need for this?

Customer added: we are not a hospital, but a relatively small convalescent beauty salon with about 20 rooms. Besides, as long as I have a simple call function, I can also look more upscale. But the voice needs to be changed into the relationship between the waiter and the customer. Can it be realized?

answer: we have diversified software function solutions, which are not only applicable to hospitals as medical management communication systems, but also can refer to customized solutions for yuezi center, beauty salon, sanatorium, nursing home, school, coffee shop, restaurant, etc.

If you only need to meet the most basic call needs, it is recommended that you only need to configure a service host and a semi digital bedside extension for the relevant beds. It has the basic functions of receiving and calling.

Q6: Could you introduce your circuit diagram?

Our wiring is different from most of the current system layout wiring diagrams in the industry:

We have two systems: type 1 semi digital and type 2 full digital

type 1 semi digital


Semi digital transmission is based on two-wire system through protocol transfer box, and only one network cable is used. At present, many traditional call systems use power line, with low cost and general signal;

We have better wiring signal and simpler wiring

It is applicable to the upgrading of old hospitals without rewiring

type 2 full digital


Full digitalization is based on Ethernet, full network cable layout; it is the upgrade of semi digitalization system, with more powerful signal, fully intelligent system and unlimited scalability.

It is suitable for hospitals with high-end needs or other service institutions with needs

Q7: can your system connect to the hospital's existing his system?

It can be seamlessly connected with the hospital's original his system to achieve synchronous data refresh with his system;

It can also be used as a set of management system

Add: in most hospitals at present, information management has not been fully realized. Data recording and sorting need to be manually entered into the computer by medical staff.Weiding's call management system can realize the classified management of hospital internal information. Medical staff only need to input patient information, medical order, bed management, nursing grade, medical shift arrangement, information message, information release, etc. in the background, which can be edited and implemented.

Question 8: what network is the call management system connected to? 

The whole system adopts two connection modes:

Wired Ethernet and wireless WiFi are preferred. If there is signal failure or wiring difficulty, wireless WiFi will be used. All the gateways are wireless hot spots.

Truly realize the whole network without dead angle!

Question 9: you have mobile nurse app, bedside extension and QR code. What's the function of this?

After the patient is hospitalized, the data will be generated, and the machine will be bound to the patient information, and a QR code will be automatically generated; the nurse or patient can install the weiding call management system app on the mobile phone, scan the QR code, and the information displayed on the screen can be seen on the mobile phone through verification, and the large screen can be moved to the mobile phone for operation, which has a stronger sense of experience, and is more convenient for medical staff and patients It is more intelligent and convenient for staff to view information.

Add: after the patient leaves the hospital, the QR code will automatically become invalid.

Patient information is completely confidential!

Summary: we know that no matter for hospitals, sanatoriums, yuezi centers, nursing places, or medical and health institutions at all levels, the impact of timely communication, data update, information release, statistics, management on the service side will directly affect the experience index and mood of patients' friends or customers.

Weiding hopes to maintain good communication and interaction with our customer groups, make a detailed explanation of your most concerned issues, and any doubts about the products and systems, please feel free to consult us!

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