Win the bid to become a supplier of China Unicom!

2019-11-26 14:27:17 admin 96

Recently, in the recruitment of "Hunan Unicom and Hunan integrated IT services and other innovative business partners supplementary recruitment (the sixth)" project of China Unicom Hunan branch and China Unicom system integration Co., Ltd. Hunan Branch, through fierce competition with several companies, our company successfully won the bid for procurement package 2 and procurement package 8, becoming China Unicom IT service Service software, Internet of things innovation business suppliers.


The bidding project is based on the e-mall of Hunan Branch of China United Network Communication Co., Ltd. and Hunan Branch of China Unicom system integration Co., Ltd., actively exploring the operation mode of the whole life cycle of "purchase, order, logistics, storage and capital transfer" of engineering, service and materials, and openly recruiting suppliers of IT services and other innovative businesses, as well as qualified suppliers and their The products will be put on the shelves in the "open market" of Unicom electronic mall and promoted for sale.Therefore, strict requirements are put forward for technical development strength, patent accumulation, mature cases, team strength and other indicators of suppliers.

Wei Ding stands out among many competitors, not only winning honor for the company, but also adding another glory to the blueprint of IT service and other innovative business fields!After winning the bid, our company will carry out all work in strict accordance with the bidding commitment and contract requirements, and provide advanced products and high-quality services for China Unicom.

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