Weiding Kanglian sincerely invites partners / agents to go hand in hand!

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Weiding Kanglian
Weiding Kanglian

Thank you for paying attention to and choosing to use the call system of weiding Kanglian intelligent ward. No matter you choose the simple type or the exclusive type, or even for the old customers who have installed the call system of other manufacturers, weiding Kanglian will make every bed you install become your constant source of profit.

The original client developed by weidingkang United industry will naturally guide patients from beds to mobile phones, and provide customers with one-stop all-round inpatient services and a new smart ward experience, thus opening a window of value-added services for our agents, departments and hospitals.

You are not only our customer, but also the partner of our joint development business when you buy the products of weiding Kanglian.

Weiding Kanglian
Weiding Kanglian
Weiding Kanglian

Zero price difference of drugs

Two ticket system for consumables

Hospital vigorously promotes centralized distribution

Hospital business is becoming more and more difficult

More and more medical practitioners

Confused about the future

Everyone is thinking about what to do?

How to break through? How to develop?



Weiding Kanglian sincerely invites you to become our partner. No matter you are an individual or an enterprise, you don't need to invest a lot of money, purchase equipment, light asset operation, new business, new model, do not occupy medical insurance funds, do not need to use complex relationships, and don't block leaders. You just need to maintain your current medical resources! The market is blue!


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