Weiding Kanglian intelligent medical intercom system won the bid in Chongqing KANGYI nursing home!

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Warmly celebrate the winning bid of weiding Kanglian in Chongqing KANGYI Pension Service Co., Ltd! This bid winning product is the fashion series of Vidin Kanglian intelligent medical intercom system.Our company has built a set of smart pension scheme for the elderly according to the needs of customers, which is helpful to standardize the business process of the nursing home, improve the management level and service quality in the hospital, and enable every elder to enjoy elaborate and comfortable services.

Weiding Kanglian

Weiding Kanglian smart medical intercom system fashion series is a product system specially developed by the company for domestic and foreign pension institutions seeking high cost performance.At present, the application customers of the system products have been all over the country. The product can not only meet the information construction of the nurse station, but also effectively reduce the operating cost, and has won the praise of customers in practice.

◆ about Chongqing KANGYI Pension Service Co., Ltd

KANGYI Yiyuan is a comprehensive elderly care complex built by Chongqing KANGYI Elderly Care Service Co., Ltd. with a total construction area of 11306m2, which is composed of elderly care institutions, community elderly care service centers and community health service stations.Among them, the construction area of the elderly care institutions is 9186m, the community elderly care service center is 1800m2, and the community health service station is 320m. KANGYI · Yiyuan has more than 330 beds in total, and the whole complex is built according to the aging standard to create a warm and comfortable environment for the elderly.

Weiding Kanglian

◆ demand design of project scheme

1. The elderly can contact the hospital through one key call of visual extension, and full duplex intercom.

2. The nursing home can monitor the elderly's health and life track in real time, and deal with emergencies in time.

3. The management center can broadcast or teach the regional extension managed by the call system.

4. The management center can establish personal health information files for the elderly, realize two-way information exchange and interaction through intelligent elderly care equipment and app, and establish customer return visit system and work quality evaluation system in the hospital.


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