Design wiring diagram of hospital call intercom system

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Ward call system is a necessary medical equipment for every hospital, which is mainly used in hospital ward, nursing home, yuezi center and other medical places. For the use of call intercom system, how to wire in the installation process? Here is a detailed explanation:

First of all, a complete set of ward call system, the main products are nurse host, information Kanban, door machine, tricolor door lamp, bedside extension, toilet emergency button, corridor dot matrix screen, etc., and infusion alarm, nurse wristwatch, etc., which are more convenient for doctors and nurses to take care of patients' daily needs.

1、 Semi digital call intercom system topology

It has more functions than the traditional one. It adopts the full digital two-wire network mode (nurse station - Protocol transfer box adopts super five types of power network cable, protocol transfer box - ward adopts two-core signal cable). Through the protocol transfer box, it is transmitted in two-wire system, only one network cable is needed.


The difference from the traditional intercom still used in the hospital is as follows:

Traditional: inserted paper card information Kanban, and telephone landline mode nurse host

Semi Digital: HD real color screen information Kanban, touch real color screen nurse host

This advantage is simple wiring, cost-effective, more suitable for the transformation and upgrading of old hospitals, no need to re wiring.

2、 Full digital call intercom system topology


It is a semi digital upgrade with full digital IP network and full network cable layout.

The highly reliable data audio and video transmission system has the function of wired /WIFI network connection. Under the physical failure of LAN wired network, it can ensure the call, intercommunication and information communication between the medical staff and the sickbed. It is rich in scalability, and is suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, child care centers, etc. with higher demand.


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