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Medical interphone has always been an important factor affecting the communication between doctors, nurses and patients. With the development of the times, from the original traditional handwritten bedside card to the intelligent bedside extension, the medical call intercom system has also been comprehensively upgraded.At present, the intelligent call system has become the mainstream of the industry, but the quotations of many call manufacturers are relatively high , resulting in the high cost of hospital procurement and installation.For this reason, weiding company has developed a set of high cost-effective solution -- classic call system, which can enjoy the latest intelligent medical intercom experience only at the price of traditional pager.

No need to configure the server, high cost performance

In the traditional panel plug-in pager, the bedside card is mostly handwritten by a nurse in clinical work , which is not only tedious but also prone to errors, and the nurse station and the ward can not realize information interaction.On the basis of the price of traditional panel plug-in callers, the classic system adopts hybrid communication transmission technology to ensure high-definition intercom.The system does not need to configure additional servers. The nurse host is directly responsible for the data and communication processing of the whole system. The nurse host can also be connected to a USB headcard printer.This not only saves the purchase cost, but also facilitates the daily work of medical staff.

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Android operation, tablet experience, multi-functional expansion

In terms of operating experience, the classic series adopts Android intelligent operating system, through colorful and clear interface display and user-friendly function design, which brings users a flat-panel operating experience.

Customers can also expand information display boards, corridor display screen, medical communication app, etc. according to their own needs, so as to realize diversified information display and ward nursing functions, and master all bed information and nursing status.

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Online registration, convenient installation and maintenance

The classic ward call system supports multiple registration methods of mobile phone + Web terminal, with high system stability, simple installation and debugging, single person operation, registration and operation, and simple operation.Weiding has created a simple two-wire wiring mode in the industry, which greatly reduces the construction cost and improves the beauty of the site.

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Network sharing, data synchronization

The classic system can also support the docking with his system of the hospital, cooperate with the client management software of the nurse station, display the nursing data through the intelligent terminal of the nurse station, corridor and ward, realize the classified management of the internal information of the hospital, ensure the timeliness of data collection, task management and nursing monitoring, improve the working efficiency and optimize the nursing workflow.

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Weiding Kanglian classic ward call system integrates the advantages of information interaction, high-definition intercom, data synchronization, etc., it closely links doctors, nurses and patients, and truly realizes the new concept of smart ward, and is the best choice for hospitals to upgrade the call system with the highest cost performance!More details, please call 400-022-8566


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