The advantages of installing intelligent medical intercom system in hospital

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Abstract: the number of patients in the hospital is far larger than that of medical staff. It is impossible for a nurse to keep watch on the patient all the time. If there is any problem that needs to find a nurse, the patient only needs to press the button of the pager gently to get the corresponding service quickly.Weiding Kanglian intelligent medical intercom system, with stable and reliable performance, can improve the nursing level and work efficiency of the hospital.

Weiding Kanglian

With the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence of ward callers has brought great convenience to the management of hospitals. Based on the full digital transmission technology of Ethernet, one network cable is connected to the nurse host, which can connect multiple beds, with simple wiring, low maintenance cost, and can improve the service quality and efficiency of the hospital.

The number of nurses in the hospital is far less than the number of patients, so it is impossible for the nurses to keep on watching the patients all the time. If there is any problem, they need to find nurses. Every time they go to the doctor's office, it wastes time and chaos the order of the hospital.Therefore, every ward and bed in the hospital needs to be equipped with a ward pager. When the patient needs service, press the button of the pager lightly, the medical staff can know the exact bed to be served and make corresponding service according to the prompt information.

The installation of ward call system can make the responsibilities of the staff in each department more clear and unreasonable posts can be simplified.For patients, it can save time and reduce intermediate links, and greatly optimize the hospital service process.

Ward call system can reduce the cost of hospital, save human resources, improve the level of medical information, and improve the comprehensive strength of hospital.Weiding Kanglian intelligent medical intercom system, with simple wiring, easy installation and maintenance, high cost performance, is suitable for multiple emergency calls such as sick bedside and toilet;It can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the probability of major accidents;The software can record patient information and call information, which is convenient for nurses to understand and manage patients.

Ward pager can quickly help patients to transmit requests, which is one of the necessary equipment to improve the level of ward care in hospitals.

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