Nurse mainframe

1. Automatic handsfree and handle multiple call modes;2. Support manual input and modification of patient information functions;3. Support host hosting function, call transfer and voice communication functions;4. Support system broadcast call, call automatic upload and shutdown automatic transfer functions.Note: it is widely used in hospital ward, nursing home and confinement center


This product has the following functions:

①It adopts 10.1 inch LCD and capacitive touch screen.② Place on the table of nurse station.③ The multi-level management setting function can be used as the primary management host.④ Available in multiple models.⑤ It supports two-way HD intercom, information interaction and data transmission.⑥ Personalized customization function.⑦ Diversified information display.

Function Description:

  • Duplex intercom: duplex intercom with extension; duplex intercom with ward door or doctor host。There are handsfree and handle for intercom.

  • HIS docking: can read and call his patient data, and can input or modify patient information.

  • Host Hosting: the sickbed extension of this host can be hosted to other nurse station hosts for management.

  • Call upload: when the extension call times out and no one answers, the call information can be uploaded to the high-level host.

  • Broadcast and play: use MP3 file to broadcast to all extensions in whole area, partition and timing.

  • Shut down transfer: when the host is shut down or not connected, the call from the extension can be transferred to other hosts.

  • Waiting for processing: it can be set to end the active call of the hospital bed, and the "waiting for processing" status will be displayed all the time. The nurse needs to press the key at the hospital bed to cancel the status.

  • Patient list: it can display the patient information of each sickbed extension, and support to access the patient list display.

  • Synchronous display: extension call, host, ward door machine, corridor display screen can synchronously display call information.

  • Voice broadcast: extension call, voice broadcast "room XX, bed XX call".

  • Nursing level: multiple nursing parameters such as nursing level, allergy and so on can be set, which can be easily identified through intelligent display of indicator light.

  • Volume adjustment: it can set the default size of horn voice and call voice in different time periods such as day and night. The brightness adjustment of LCD screen.

  • Online detection: it can detect the online status of the machine at the door of the ward in real time, which is convenient for debugging, maintenance and repair.

  • Various interfaces: RJ45 communication interface, audio input interface, HDMI, audio output, network interface, antenna interface, etc.

Weiding Kanglian1. Display size: 10.1 " 

2. Display resolution: 1024 × 600 pixels

3. Network interface: 3-way 100Mbps standard RJ45

4. USB: 2-way USB2.0

5. Network protocol: DHCP, HTTP, UDP, RTP, SIP

6. Audio mode: mono 16bit

7. Audio sampling rate: 20~44khz

8. Speaker: 3W 8ohm

9. Power supply: DC 18~48V, maximum 15W

10. Extension interface: DC5V, with output of 500mA at most

label: mainframe

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