Doorway machine

1. 10.1-inch TFT true color screen, multi-point capacitive touch screen;2. Multi point capacitive touch screen;3. External door lamp and waterproof button are available;4.UPS can be configured to realize normal emergency call in case of power failure;5. Calling medical host can realize two-way intercom, nursing positioning and other functions.Note: it is widely used in hospital ward, nursing home and yuezi center


This product has the following functions:

① All digital transmission technology based on Ethernet.② It adopts 10.1-inch TFT true color screen and multi-point capacitive touch screen, which can support horizontal and vertical display.③ Support hands-free call mode, completely eliminate echo.④ It has nursing positioning function (special expansion module is required).⑤ Personalized customization (UI interface, menu function, service evaluation system).⑥ 9 IP network bedside extensions in the ward can be managed through LAN.⑦ It can be connected with door lamp and waterproof button.⑧ Multiple models are available.⑨ Diversified information display.

Function Description:

  • Information display: it can display the room number, bed number, responsible medical name and photo of the room; it can synchronously display the bed call information in the room.

  • Call intercom: it can call the medical host and two-way intercom; it can answer the bedside extension call of other rooms and duplex intercom.

  • Nursing positioning: the nurse presses the "enter nursing" button on the door machine of the room, the door light of the room is on green, the corridor display screen shows "XXXX room door machine nursing", and can use this room extension to answer other bed calls and intercoms; when leaving, press this button again to release this function.

Hospital ward door machine


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Medical intercom system room door machine

维鼎康联1. Display size: 10.1 "

2. Display resolution: 1024x600 pixels

3. Screen: touch real color screen

4. Input power: 48V

5. Transmission rate: 10M / 100Mbps adaptive

6. Network interface: Standard RJ45 interface

7. Network protocol: TCP / IP, UDP

8. Power consumption: < 12W

9. Recommended installation height: 1.5m

10.Size: 300x204x50.8mm (LxWxH)

Medical intercom system room door machine


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