Waterproof emergency button

1. During the emergency call in the toilet, the voice prompt of the medical host and the display screen of the corridor are displayed, the three-color door lamp is on, and the LED status is displayed on the switch.


This product has the following functions:

① In case of emergency call in toilet, the voice prompt of medical host and the display screen of corridor will be displayed, the three-color door light will be red, and the LED status will be displayed on the switch.

Function Description:

  • Unique waterproof design, wall mounted in the bathroom of the ward.

  • Call / alarm: push button type / pull rope type trigger alarm button.

  • Connection mode: connect the nearest extension with cable, code the online server, and connect it with RJ11 two core wire without polarity between the machine at the door of the ward.


1. Size: 86x86x11mm (LxWxH)

2. Waterproof grade: IP64

3. Power consumption: 0.1W

4. Working humidity: 10% - 99%

5. Working temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃

6. Alarm mode: normally open

Installation height of toilet: 1.6m


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