SOS smart watch for the elderly

1. GPS + base station + WiFi + Beidou hybrid active positioning technology;2. After setting the interval, the walking track will be recorded automatically, so as to provide timely and thoughtful care for the elderly;3. Call for help in case of emergency;4. Can directly answer any call, voice broadcast, loud voice;5. Artificial intelligence: Encyclopedia of life, intelligent voice;6. unique design: Alipay, blood pressure, heart rate.


Function Description:

  • Independent dialing, two-way communication, zero distance between communication and care

  • HD large screen, real-time control of the health status of the elderly

  • Fall alarm, one key SOS, timely notification of emergency

  • Intelligent sleep, super long standby, avoid the trouble of frequent charging for the elderly

  • Intimate design, life waterproof, daily splashing does not affect wearing

  • Multiple positioning, faster and more accurate, GPS + WiFi + base station multiple positioning mode

维鼎康联1. Appearance size: 47.8mmx41mmx15mm

2. Display size: 1.44 "

3. Resolution: 240x240 pixels

4. Waterproof level: IP65

5. Camera: 30W

6. Battery: 550mah

7. Standby time: 42 hours

8. Bluetooth: 4.0

Charging mode: USB connector


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